Your Birth Time…..Because Your Birth Matters

 Happy mom birth services, care through pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

1 in 3 moms will end their pregnancy with a cesarean. Doulas are trained and experienced in techniques and physical and emotional skills to reduce your risk of cesarean by at least 50%, some recent studies suggest that this may be 60%-80%. Consider what your out of pocket expense would be, a doula’s fee is just a fraction of the cost.
I believe every mom who wants Doula support should be able to receive it. I am personally fond of, and specialize in caring for moms who are first time moms, moms who have had a previous cesarean and are striving for a VBAC (vaginal birth after a cesarean) and moms who have had previous birth trauma. It is my hope that with the right support, education and encouragement that these 3 groups of moms can have a beautiful and positive birth experience. That they may take with them knowledge to carry over to later pregnancies and birth experiences and that they may know that they are they are strong and capable of handling tough life events.
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 Consultations are ALWAYS free! Ask me about my sliding scale fee.
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Your Birth Time

Because Your Birth Matters!

801-360-8480; yourbirthtime@gmail.com

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