four steps to a happy pregnancy, birth and postpartum

– when will I go into labor?

– how will my recovery be?

– will this labor be easy and fast or long and hard?

– will baby be healthy or need a little extra tender loving care right after birth?

and this is just a short list of common concerns that all pregnant moms have.

It starts as soon as you know you are pregnant. The worries and fears associated with pregnancy and birth. What if for a moment you can erase those fears and just enjoy being pregnant, your birthing experience and your newborn baby. It may be hard to fully enjoy it what with morning sickness, constant urination, and fatigue in the first trimester. The second trimester brings some relief although you may experience some gastric discomforts. Then the third trimester it gets really hard to move and do just about anything because, well it is difficult to simply breath. The baby is taking up so much space! The moment you have been waiting for finally arrives and your labor begins is it hard? is it fast? Do you need someone to help you focus with the contractions? What if they need to take baby who will stay with you if dad goes with baby? will baby take right to nursing or do you need some assistance with that? The whirl wind of labor and birth is over and now you are home and recovering. You hurt and you just want to rest and enjoy the new baby, however there is housework and other children that need to be cared for. Or maybe just a full nights rest one night a week would be a wonderful thought.

You may be working or a Domestic Goddess. This may be your first pregnancy or it may be your seventh, the concerns are still the same. Society  has created this fear surrounding pregnancy, birth and the postpartum. It is seen in movies, tv shows, books and even talked about among friends- who has the worst birth experience. We have all been there eating lunch with our sisters or bffs and when topic turns to “I pushed for 8 hours and then they grabbed the forceps” everyone has to beat the other persons nightmarish birth story. IT DOESEN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY!

Now I am not saying you do not have to have morning sickness, or chronic fatigue. Yes, you are still going to get HUGE and be unable to move and breath and sleep. I am just saying There are some simple things that you can do to make this time in your life, this transition a lot easier!

Okay step one hire a Prenatal Doula. A Prenatal Doula will come in during your pregnancy period she will answer questions, provide information regarding your pregnancy and assure you that things are normal and assist you in getting help when things may not be normal. She offers emotional, and physical support during your pregnancy. Lets face it when you are so sick from morning sickness it would be nice to have someone come in and cook dinner a couple nights a week or clean and do laundry so you can rest.

Step two hire a Birth Doula. A Birth Doula helps you with birth! She will help prepare you for birth, assist with creating your birth map (or birth plan, birth preferences, whatever term you would like to use here) and will be a constant support when you are in labor and remind you of you birth decisions. A Birth Doula offers emotional and physical support during your birth journey. She is equipped and trained with offering comfort measures and techniques. She also knows each stage of labor and what is normal during each stage. Lets face dad needs some support when mom goes into labor as well! I also understand he would like a bathroom break every now and again and having a Birth Doula then to stay with mom would be AWESOME!

Step Three hire a Postpartum Doula. A lot like the Prenatal Doula a Postpartum Doula comes into your home during your postpartum period. She is trained to recognize signs of postpartum mental and emotional issues. She is trained in breastfeeding and newborn care. A Postpartum Doula can help ease the transition of having a newborn baby in the home. She can come into the home and help with household tasks, cook dinner and laundry so mom can rest, heal and bond with the baby.

Step Four encapsulate your placenta. Humans are the only mammals that do not routinely consume their placenta after birth. There are so many healing properties in your placenta that can aid in your recovery. Studies have shown that the placenta can help establish milk supply,  lower your risk of postpartum blues, help with healing and help lower stress levels. The placenta is powerful.

Women in our society are expected to remain silent and just deal with the life transition that is pregnancy and birth. The truth is it is hard and it is major change. And the real truth is following these four simple steps can help you maintain sanity during a very crucial time in your life. Following these four simple steps can help you in providing you the confidence every mom needs as they venture into motherhood.

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