Power of the Placenta

Power of the Placenta

I had Horrible post partum depression with baby #2. This brought on a huge fear of suffering with it again. So when Baby #3 came 12 years later I did a lot of research on birth options. This time around I was planing a home birth. When baby had other plans and we were transferred to hospital I was disappointed. Baby ended up in nicu. This made me grateful for medical treatments. I wanted to help him in every way that I could. I desperately needed and wanted my milk to come in. I was also an emotional wreck from everything that was going on, as well as being post-partum. I was also suffering with heavy bleeding. Heavy bleeding after birth was the norm for me. In fact with baby #2 I hemmorhaged. So day 2 I had my S.O. bring me my supplies so I could smoothie my placenta. Within hours after I smoothied my placenta my milk was coming in. within a few days i was feeling normal. I had had extremely low iron before birth, when it was tested a few days later the nurse told me it was going to be low she was actually shocked when it was within normal limits. When I got home from the hospital I immediately encapsulated my placenta so I could continue on with the benefits. I stopped bleeding 12 days after his birth. Was it the placenta that helped me with everything? I can’t say for sure whether it did or didn’t. I am sure it helped enough that I think all moms should use it to aid in recovery!

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