Your Birth Time

Your Birth Time believes that every family is uniquely structured and capable of making informed decisions that are best for their individual needs. Communication, Education, Empowering, Healing.

Your Birth Time offers: Family Wellness and Parenting Workshop, Postpartum Wellness Workshop, Postpartum Wellness Coaching, Teen & Parent Coaching and Mediation, Placenta Encapsulation, Birth Doula, Postpartum Support Group, and other ongoing classes.

Your Birth Time holds FREE consultation days on the first Thursday of each month.

Your Birth Time holds Postpartum Support Groups on the first and third Wednesday of every month.

Your Birth Time Serves Iron County, Utah, Millard County, Utah, Beaver County, Utah, and surrounding areas: Cedar City, Enoch, Parowan, Paragonah, Beaver, Milford, Millard,

For more information on services offered, and service fees and packages please click on a tab at the top to get the information you desire.

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