DO-ula reasons to hire one

I found this while flipping through my doula bible, which is really a very heavy binder filled with information about labor, birth and being a doula! Some women do not need a reason to hire a doula, they just know that they will benefit from having one. If you are one of those that needs a reason, this is for you. Go ahead pick one of your favorite “excuses” to have a doula.

1. A Doula will enhance the birth experience; a Doula’s role is to provide continuous physical and emotional support. From being your cheer leader when things get to tough to applying pressure to all the right spots.

2. Assisting with creating and keeping your birth plan; now not all things can be set in stone, however a Doula can help navigate through all the birth options and help you decide what is best for you. Epidural or non medicated, to  delay cord clamp or not to delay cord clamp. The choices are really all yours a Doula just gives you the evidence based information to help you decide.

3. A Doula will enhance the birth experience for your partner; A Doula can not and will not take the place of your loving partner. A Doula can help guide your partner in actively participating in your birth experience. This helps strengthen your relationship and helps  your birth partner be a part of the experience. When you are in pain and your partner wants to help in some way a Doula will help your partner know what to do.

4. Full one on one support; a Doula is part of your birth team and stays with you the entire time. Mind you, your Doula may need to go and use the bathroom and freshen up. If its been an incredibly long labor she may even need to grab a bite to eat or call in someone to relieve her for a bit. The key is she won’t leave you alone.

5.   Decrease use of pain medication: You may want an epidural or some sort of pain medication your Doula will support you  in that decision. A Doula is great at reducing your fear thus reducing your pain and need for pain medication. You only get to birth your child once and no one else can birth your child. Decrease use of pain medication allows you to fully participate in your child’s birth experience, a once in a lifetime event.

6. Help with breastfeeding: Your Doula will stay with you until you have successfully breastfed your child. She has been trained to help moms start this journey. Again one on one support to help you with breastfeeding your new baby.

7. Research has shown Doulas improve bonding experience: a Doula is trained to assist the family in bonding during labor and birth and even postpartum. She can assist mom or dad with skin to skin care or kangaroo care to help mom, dad and baby bond. She is even trained in how to involve older siblings so they can feel connected in the new baby experience.

8. Decreased incidence in Postpartum Blues or Postpartum Depression: Research has shown that having a positive birth experience can decrease your risk of having postpartum blues or postpartum depression.  A Doula can assist you in having a positive birth experience, research has shown this.

9. Birth Doulas are recommended: The World Health Organizaiton (WHO) recommends every laboring women receive care from a Doula. Birth Doulas reduce labor time and improve your satisfaction with your birth experience!

So hire a DO-ula beause they DO help! For more information on why you should hire a doula follow one of the licks below!

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