Ten Commandments for the Postpartum Mother By Dr Williams Sears

Thou shalt not cook, clean house, do laundry or entertain.

Thous shalt be given a Doula.

Thou shalt remain clothed in thy nightgown and sit in thy rocking chair as long as thou pleaseth.

Thou shalt honor thy partner with an appropriate share of household chores.

Thou shalt not give up thy baby to unfamiliar caregivers.

Thou shalt take long walks in green pastures, eat good food, and drink enough water.

Thou shalt not have strangers and unhelpful visitors in thy home.

Thou shalt groom thy hair and adorn thy body with attractive robes.

Thou shalt not have prophets of bad baby advice in thy company.

Thou shalt sleep when the baby sleeps.

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