Do you know that 33% of babies of born in the U.S. are born via c-section! Do you also know that research shows that just 9% of babies should be born this way. In fact the American College of OB/Gyn’s, the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organziation all state that 33% of babies born via c-section is too high!
Keeping that in mind I would want to do everything possible to avoid being that 33%. One way to reduce your risk of cesarean is to hire a doula. Doulas reduce your risk of having a cesarean by 50%. Wow 50% that is a lot!!!
Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a c-section, if it is medically needed. Cesareans do save lives. However, far too often doctors are urging moms to undergo a c-section when it is not medically needed. Two of the reasons they may give is failure to progress, and big baby.
Again, the American College of OB/Gyn’s, the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization state that there is NO evidence to support failure to progress and big baby as medical reasons to have a cesarean. Do you know that our bodies are amazing and can do incredible things. We can have babies.
In regards to the big baby excuse doctors give moms, well our bodies know that we are making little humans. In our third trimester of pregnancy we start releasing relaxin. Relaxin does just what the name implies, it relaxes and softens our joints so that we can have a baby! Also remaining up right and squatting can and will open up our pelvis so that our big baby can come out! Now remaining up right and active during labor and pushing while squatting may mean you can not have that epidural. Well if it means reducing your risk of a major abdominal surgery well I would avoid the epidural! Besides a doula is the fraction of the cost of an epidural and provides invaluable support and comfort measures.
Now for the failure to progress diagnosis, well it is more of a failure to wait for our bodies to do incredible things. Dilation is by no means a way to determine a moms ability to birth her baby vaginally. Yep I said it, dilation means NOTHING! Okay well it does mean your open enough to birth a baby. In regards to progressing it means nothing. Some moms can sit at a 4 for a whole month before she has her baby. Another mom may be a 0 with no changes even during labor until an hour before she meets her baby (this defines how I have had all 3 of my babies). I think it far better to watch moms emotional and mental state, the tone in her voice even, to determine how soon she will be getting to the pushing stage.
I just ask that you please do your research before letting a doctor cut you open!

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