Your Doula

Stacey Davis


Stacey has been in the birth world since 2009, when she attended her first birth as a Doula. She has found that helping moms to have a positive birth experience empowers families to be successful. Her goal is to educate, encourage and empower each mom and her partner in their birth choices. This ensures each mom and baby gets care that is unique to them and their families.
Education means choices, if you don’t know what your options are you don’t have any.
Stacey received her B.S. in Human Development and Family Studies from Utah Valley University. She studied to be a doula at The Utah College of Midwifery, A DONA approved program.
Stacey brings with her a special skill set and unique services. Stacey trained with Placenta Benefits and Information and offers Placenta Encapsulation. She trained as a hypno-doula at Better Birth in Orem, Utah. She completed Birth Emergency Skills Training in Colorado Springs. Stacey has also acquired special training to assist moms who have experienced trauma such as previous birth trauma or sexual assault.
Her undergrad degree focused on postpartum depression and postpartum blues including treatment options, signs and symptoms, affects on the family and ways to reduce the risk.
Stacey is the current Southern Utah Representative for the Utah Doula Association.  Before becoming a Doula Stacey was a Medical Assistant for 8 years. She studied Medical Assisting at American Institute of Medical Technology in Provo, Utah.
Stacey loves camping, fishing and 4-wheeling with her 4 loves; her hubby, and three sons- 15, 13 and 1 years old. In her free time she sews, reads and is pro-actively working on issues that matter to her and her family. These issues include being an advocate for birth options, and being an advocate for healthy families. Her passion is bringing awareness to the community regarding the prevalence and affect of postpartum blues.

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