Your Birth Time Client Feedback

Stacey is AWESOME. She encapsulated my placenta which was a big blessing. She came to my house the day my son was born and started the process. She answered all my questions and let me know what she was doing. It was awesome to watch. The next day she came and finished the encapsulation and I was able to start taking my pills within 24 hours of his birth. The best part was the little cord keepsake she made.—        Nicole W.

Stacey is a wonderful Doula. She assisted my wife and I with our third baby. She is very compassionate and loves what she does. She pays attention to the small details that mean the most. Once our baby was born she boosted our 18 month old up so she could see her new baby brother. She even took the time to capture pictures of our special time. She encapsulated our placenta which greatly boosted my wife’s postpartum time. We call them her happy pills! —            Bill F.

Stacey thank you so much for your extraordinary care during our pregnancy and birth. Thank you for helping us achieve our birth goals!


We were really hesitant to hire a doula. I did not want a doula to take my husband’s place. However, my last pregnancy ended in an emergency cesarean. I really wanted to succeed with having a vaginal birth. Stacey made it happen. I really don’t think we could have succeeded without her knowledge, and guidance. She helped my husband know what to do and assured us that things were normal.  She took the time to educate us on how to succeed in labor, she informed us of what we could do in my last trimester to increase my success of a vaginal birth. We will not hesitant to hire Stacey again.

Amie L

Thank you so much for teaching me how to best care for my wife when she was laboring. I appreciate the time you took to show us how we could work as a team before you joined us in labor. Your presence during labor was  very calming and much appreciated as well.

Tim R

If you use my services I would love feedback from you. Just email me and I will post your thoughts here!

General Information

Serving the following counties: Millard, Beaver, Iron, Piute, Wayne, Garfield, Kane and Washington.

Serving areas surrounding the following cities: Cedar City, Fillmore, Beaver, Richfield, Panguitch, Paragonah, Loa, and St. George.

Your Birth Time

Because Your Birth Matters!


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